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An Almost Medical Error or Near Miss is an unplanned event that has the potential to cause harm, but due to a fortunate break in the chain of events was prevented from being harmful, or fatal.  AlmostME® provides a voluntary, confidential, non-punitive, and secure means of reporting (AME) Almost Medical Errors or Near-Miss Medical Error Incidents by patients and healthcare professionals with the goal of improving patient safety.


Powerful suite of administration tools to build and maintain a safety culture for any organization.


Receive notifications in real-time. Access reports and statistics anywhere via web, or Apple IOS device.


Available as stand-alone, or augment legacy reporting systems with our quick and intuitive mobile apps.

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AlmostME leverages cutting-edge mobile device technology to create an intuitive reporting tool that seamlessly integrates with hospital legacy systems.

The power to build a culture of safety at your finger tips. 

  • Create AlmostME Organizations
  • Build Hospitals and Facilities
  • Add Locations per AHRQ Categories
  • Create Email Notifications
  • Manage Legal Disclaimers
  • Maintain and Assign Managers
  • Create SBAR formatted Near-Miss Reports
  • Design Custom Fields and Responses
  • Manage Report Summaries
  • Hospital and Unit Comparison
  • AHRQ Based Reporting Analytics

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What our customers say about AlmostME

We found by making reporting easier, we dramatically increased the quantity of near miss reports, which allowed us to identify and correct systems issues before patients are harmed.

 Prior to having this tool, our front line clinicians didn’t have a way to communicate safety concerns in a reliable way to throughout the hospital.

--  Hospital CMIO

 I have never seen the number of near miss reports this client was able to share. I am impressed by the easy to use tool and the philosophy behind it to be proactive.

--  Regulatory Surveyor

 AlmostME allowed our clinicians, including doctors, to quickly share safety stories with our safety and quality staff before patients were harmed by errors.

--  Quality Manager

We offer the fastest
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Prevent harm by focusing on near-miss and precursor safety events. AlmostME is an intuitive app that allows frontline healthcare staff to quickly create structured near-miss reports without disrupting their workflow.

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